Why You Should Create A Web Page For Your Business Phone Number

Ring, Ring, Ring

You scurry across the room, check your coat frantically. It’s not there. You continue the search and find it on the table and just in the make of time and look to see who it is. But you don’t have the number saved in your contact list. You check the area code. You have never heard of the town and couldn’t name a single person from the state. So you don’t pick it up and let it ring until it stops.

This happens millions of times a day.

It happens at work, with your personal cell phone and for people my parent’s age at home. I’m positive you have witnessed it first-hand and have done it yourself.

If you’re in sales and make cold-calls you know this all too well. I’m sure you have found a positive result when you changed the number you were calling from to a local one after calling them for a year or more with no response.

You may not be aware and attuned to,  however, that people also Google those exact same numbers they don’t pick up. So here is a question for you.

What does your online presence look like and say about you, when this happens?

If you’re like 99% of businesses and people nothing special will pop up. The first few listing in google will be business directories and review sites showing your phone number. We also see scam reports and a bunch of nothing. The questions people generally have go unanswered.

Who is calling me? (Not, what company is calling me.)

Why are they calling me?

What do they want from me?

These are the questions people have and this is why you should create your own web page for your business number.

With your own webpage, you have full control. Where by you can make a good first impression, provide helpful and useful information. You should answer these questions and put your prospect at ease. This whole process and preparation will build trust, credibility and generate interest. It also isn’t a bad to time to communicate your message and make a pitch!

So what would you prefer when someone googles your number? A business directory and scam reporting. Or your own web page that is tailor to this micro-moment. A page that will put your prospect at ease and make a good first impression. A chance to tells your story and communicate how you can help. That may even lead to an email response or the chance to build a relationship the next time they see your number.