What Is A Website?

What is a website?

A lot of people want a website but are confused on exactly what it is and don’t know how to go about making a site.  At its core, a website is CODE that can be transmitted across the internet to communicate. It’s a combination of your native language and programming languages. In short, it is a combination of text, pictures, video and technology.

Nerds Not Required

Here’s the kicker, in today’s market you don’t need a programmer or coding skills to communicate via a website. Hence the rise of social media sites. To prove this point even further look at the rise of website builders such as Shopify, Wix and Weebly.  That said, you still need to know your way around a computer. Your competence will dictate which platform will work best for.

So to reiterate it’s possible without any technical skills such as HTML( hypertext markup language) to create a website. That said having a web designer, web developer end or consultant to get you off and running will be beneficial. Simple things such as going over the right website builder can be critical to your overall success.

Experts Will Save You Alot Time

You should view these services has a place to start or a jumping off point.  Not something that you buy once and never looked at again for 10 years.  Keep in mind investors, employees, customers, prospects and clients all turn to the source of communication preferably 24/7.

Generally speaking people in this industry have a lot of knowledge and if they’re worth anything they should take the insides they have and apply it 2 year specific organization.  simple things like knowing what social networks to attack, what type of content to create end things you should avoid.  that said they don’t have the insides and knowledge of your particular profession.  When you combine the two watch out, Magic will be made

Do or Die For A Website Is Copy

Without question, the most important and fundamental piece of your website is your copy.

For the most part, we must use the written word to do our marketing on our website. Videos are a different topic.  All of Googles ranking is based upon words and people’s interaction with it.  

Your copy will entail headlines and sub-headlines. The trick here is to immediately build confidence for your visitor that they have landed in the right spot while simultaneously communicating what the page is all about.  Once accomplished you need to deliver on your promise and persuade them to your end goal with a call to action or CTA. We will save persuasion copy for another day. However, your end goal could be to build an audience, generate a lead,  or make a sale.

The Visual

The visual aspect of your website needs to align with your message (). It includes pictures and the overall website design. Using pictures in tandem with graphic design helps to communicate your written content at a glance. While the overall design brings everything together. It just makes everything feel right. The overall website design does require some technical ability. With that said this is usually decided upon at the very beginning of the project.


The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video.

Fun fact the second largest search engine after Google is YouTube.  I prefer to consume content with video and so do most people. Videos are, in my opinion, the best way to communicate on the web for most people.  Some people are readers, some people are listeners and some people learn visually.  Video can also incorporate written content and visual content. Video is the medium which mimics life and human interaction the life.  All sorts of things can be learned from the video subconsciously. That said most people feel uncomfortable on video nor have the chops create content people want to consume.

Purpose-Technology/No Technology Core

If your website has some type of proprietary software associated with it like Google’s website, for instance, you’re probably not reading this and you know how to do all this.

So with that said you will fall underneath the category of buying software to leverage your end goal.  Your goal should be to sell things online aka eCommerce, generate leads or to communicate your message to people that are interested in your company.

Let’s take generating leads as an example.  You may need software to gate contents and deliver the content in exchange for a visitors contact information. You may need automated software for email for a technology 4 people just ask questions with a message app.