Top 5 Custom Website Design Trends of 2017

Website design relies heavily on technology, which is always changing as more and more technological advances are made. This, combined with ever-evolving needs of the internet users, means that web design practices are constantly changing with time, leading to the emergence of new trends to replace them. As a client who is considering having a website designed or redesigned, it is important to know the latest web design trends so that you can have them used when building your website. Therefore, if you are looking for quality, Custom Website Design Vancouver, below are top five web design trends of 2017 that you should know about.

1. User Experience Design

One of the top web design trends in the past few years is the shift from the traditional web design practice of creating “beautiful websites” in favor of improving the user experience. This has been as a result of a change in the in the needs of most users, most of whom are more interested in a great user experience instead of just an attractive website. Therefore, user experience design, which focuses on elements such as sleek navigation, smooth functionality, readability, fast page load speed, etc. is going to be a big hit in 2017, as well as other coming years.

2. Responsive Website Design

Initially, having a mobile responsive website was not vital to the success of your online business; most people accessed the internet using computers. However, the past few years have seen a rapid increase in the number of mobile internet users due to the affordability of mobile devices and the easy access to the internet. To target this new customer base, online businesses have had to create responsive websites that are easily accessible using mobile devices, without comprising the quality of the user experience. Therefore, responsive website design has become a big trend in the website building industry in the past few years. It is also expected to be even more popular in 2017 and other coming years, especially with the planned introduction of the Google Mobile First indexing system, a search engine ranking system that gives priority to mobile friendly websites.

3. Use Of Immersive Video Content

Video content has risen to become the most popular type of content on the internet, accounting for more than 70% of all internet traffic. As a result, new video trends have emerged in the past few years, with 2016 seeing the rise of virtual reality videos – 3-D videos where the user can be immersed and interact with the simulated environment. The popularity of these videos is expected to increase in 2017, and with videos making a large part of the web content, they are likely to feature greatly in several websites. Therefore, the use of virtual reality videos is one of the latest web design trends that you can expect to see in 2017.

4. The Use Of Micro Interactions

One of the challenges faced by most website owners is how to increase the interaction of users with their websites, thus improving the engagement levels, and subsequently, the conversion levels of the site. Over the past few years, a new web design trend has attempted to help solve this problem – the use of microinteractions, single task-based functionalities that help you engage with a device, for example, the Facebook like button, the share button, shopping cart confirmation feedback, etc.

These microinteractions helps to improve the user engagement of a site by providing users with feedback, helping them to complete an action (for example, liking a Facebook status), and showing them the results of an action (a message received after adding an item to the shopping cart).

5. Minimalist Design

One of the most common traditional website development practices was to use several features in order to offer your visitors more functionality. However, with most internet users preferring a good user experience to excessive functionality, this practice is being replaced rapidly by a new trend – minimalist design, where only the absolute necessities are included in a website, thus improving the user experience. A good example of minimalist design is the Netflix website, which uses a card (images and text only) instead of a home page.

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These card-based designs help to increase the amount of information offered to the users, increase the utilization of space, deliver more appealing content, improve responsiveness, reduce the time taken to load web pages (the cards are very light compared to web pages), and several other benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a good Web Development Company Vancouver to help you build a website, one of the web design trends you are likely to come across is the use of card-based designs.