Why I started blogging on my phone

Blogging can be time-consuming and outright painful for a lot of you.

This blog post, however, was easy. I wrote in 20 minutes before bed but only after reading. ( Yes you have time to do both)

In this post, you will not only learn why you should blog on your phone but how.

Time and Convenience

My phone is nearly always on me.  The mobile computer makes it easy to hustle/work while I wait or have a few minutes of downtime. Rather than dick around and check the news or email I try to grow my business.

My goal is turning wasted time into productivity. An hour a week over the course of a year is nearly a full work week.

Writing = Thinking

My new, interesting or unique ideas almost never come to me when I sit down to write. They happen when I’m on the go talking to people. I use my smartphone to capture and record these ideas when they happen. Therefore I don’t have to worry about remembering them. I can also come back and add to these ideas or reevaluate these thoughts later.

Attention Trends & Context

The mobile phone is right now how more and more customers are finding your business. Stop and think about it…  How do you buy and spend money right? This trend isn’t slowing either. When you create content via the mobile phone you are also gaining context to your prospect and you’re also being true to “the platform.”  This is everything folks, know the room and your message will resonate.  Communicate how people want and expect you’re golden, literally.

How to do it

How- it’s easy, just download google doc on your phone. (Google docs, Sheets and Slides are very impressive I highly recommend using these tools if you haven’t converted away from word or excel. O yeah, they are free too. It sync’s automatically and seamlessly with other people and your laptop.) I would steer clear from the temptation of using your notes app. It’s just not as powerful of a tool. Notes are made for just that, notes.

The option to write on WordPress with the mobile phone is still available. I haven’t done it but if you have, share your thoughts in the comments below

Don’t Throw Out Your Computer

I realize that this won’t completely eliminate the laptop or desktop computer from blogging nor am I suggesting that. Don’t forget you need to clarifying your writing and edit your work.

There are a time and place for everything. Data-centric, research and detailed guides not only require more tools but more time and thought. For those types of pieces I honestly suggest you sit down and write.

This tactic, mobile blogging, is great for getting ideas out of your head and into written format quickly. You know those golden little nuggets that you have. Share them, people love consuming/ learning that type of information. Weather it be unique insights, behind the scenes or new observations, try this method out. Let me know what you think.