Website & Local SEO For New Law Firm Boston, MA

A Website for A New Law Firm

We recently build a website for new a law firm in Boston, MA. The firm’s name is Keane Law Group. Feel free to reach out to Brian Keane directly if you have any questions about working with us or you need legal advice. He is a great guy and I personally enjoyed working with him.

There were not many requirement for this project, we were given freedom to create. Like all projects, however, we needed the site to resonate with their potential clients and function as expected. While the later was no issue at all, our initial design was off by a mile. So after our initial design, we started from scratch. We collaborated with Brian to get a better understand of his business and who their customers are. Internally we create a new system and process called triple Ds (Detect, Decide, Develop). The new process allows for better communication, improved customer empathy, faster development and most importantly allows our company to exceed your expectations. While at the time it was painful to face reality, address this process head on and design a process solution has allowed created the opportunity to meet our customer’s goals.

Once the web development and design was completed, we started working on ranking their site in google search and google maps.  One of the mot beneficial thing about hiring a company to do not only the design/development but also the SEO as they can work strategically. Right from the beginning, we were able to incorporate site structure, mobile design and conversion into the site to create a better user experience and a broad impact on the overall business.  We are still currently working on this side of the project and are just beginning to gain tractions. ( Most SEO campaigns take 4 months to 1 year to help your business implement improvements and see potential see any results and real benefits)



Plugins: Yoast, Drift, Responsive Slider, WP-Smush

Host: Blue Host

Domain Name:

Cost : $3,000

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