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If you’re looking for an honest, no B.S. SEO services in Greater Boston Area, that can get you results. Let me reassure you, you have found it. Getting your website found on Google from local searches traffic will increase visitors and will directly correlate to new customers and revenue. You could do this yourself or hire a recent graduate and have them do this as an internship. Both of these options will work but will be a huge waste of time and effort. If you or your hire are extremely talented you may see average results at best. ( They don’t teach this in college).  And hiring someone to do your local SEO is no easy chore either.

Who should I work with? Will it work? Is it worth it? How do I compete against the big corporations?

Let’s take a look at Search Engine Optimization for local businesses to get some ideas. Local SEO marketing consists of three core parts. Many companies both large and small will pay an agency to rank their website organically, spend money on Pay Per Click campaign ( PPC ) through Adwords or use a variety of other websites such as review sites ( yelp ) to generate more traffic and customers.


Organic search engine results are obtained through producing relevance content to a search term. For example, a searcher looking for information on local SEO may might type in ” How to get my business to show up in google.”

Once queued, the search engine will display a list of websites that it thinks most closely match what the user is looking for. The results and ranking of the websites are based on a proprietary algorithm that is constantly changing.  Winning on google can be a game changer for your business so people often try to game the system. As a result search engines constantly improve to stay ahead. They also analyzing web pages to find the most relevant and helpful content for searchers to see.

Putting your best foot forward to have your company’s website pop up when searchers type in relevant keywords to your industry is the occupation of the SEO. Generally speaking, there are two areas where SEO makes a difference, on-page and off-page. Both are extremely important and each has an impact on where your web page appears on google. If you follow all the right steps and do all the right things your website will rank highly.

Pay Per Click ( PPC )

Pay Per Click, or PPC,  is exactly what your think it is. It’s paid advertising online usually in the form of clicks or traffic to your website.  You’ll see theses at the very top and along the side of google. However, I’m sure you have been on the internet long enough to have experience feeling of retargeting campaign. When you visit one website and don’t buy anything and then the very next day you see ads all over the internet on the buy that which you didn’t. Lastly, if you visit bigger media sites like the Boston Globe or Forbes,  you will see they have their own technologies and systems. Often they charge for CPM or Cost Per Thousand impressions.

One of the great parts of running a PPC campaign is that the process is nearly completely controllable.  Namely, the messaging and budgeting.  For some competitive keyword,  you can pay $120.00 every time someone clicks on your ad. So being in control of how much your spend and testing which message work best is vital. This method is extremely effective way to instantly drive traffic to your website. With that said, there is the potential to spend large sums of money with little return unless the proper systems are in place.


Review Sites & Social Media

Social media is the current state of the internet. People often go to review site to check out what a company’s customers have to say about them. Once there, some will often take pictures and share it on sites like Facebook and Instagram. While social media doesn’t fall underneath a typical SEOs domain, it’s still a great way to generate traffic and reach online Most people don’t know this but Youtube is actual the 2nd largest search engine. I’ll also let you in on a little secret too, the competitive landscape is completely different. Meaning the way

Most people don’t know this but Youtube is actual the 2nd largest search engine and to some degree a social media site. I’ll also let you in on a little secret too, the competitive landscape is completely different than google. Meaning the way you go about getting traffic on youtube is different and it’s actually less competitive.  Viewers find videos via google, youtube as a search engine and on the side bar of google. Knowing how to take advantage of each element is crucial.

As you can tell, SEO has many components and can be overwhelming. If you are what to take advantage of organic search, but don’t have the time and skill learn how to do all of this, I have a solution.

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