Local SEO Outsourced in Newton, MA

What is Local SEO?

In short Local SEO is the process of getting ranked higher on the list of Google Map/Business. Google Maps is not the only player in the space. Bing, for example, has a similar product and there many other resources but we won’t get into that here.

Google Maps is important because these listing pop up in front of organic search. Showing up higher on google will help drive sales and increase revenue. Check out this report for more information. Check out Hubspot they are a publicly traded company that lives and dies by this. Granted you don’t need to raise money or IPO to take advantage of all of this. Syracuse Local SEO does just fine

If you are unfamiliar with all of this that is quite alright, we are here to help.

Is your industry a local search term?

Some search terms will prompt Google to show local businesses others won’t.
The only way to know for sure is to check.

Type in keywords that your customers might type into google to find your company. This is the only way to check if your business falls into a local search term. Some keywords like Sales Training may take you by surprise, I know it did for me.

If Your industry is sales training you may also want to try Sales Expert, Sales Trainer, Sales Training, Sales Help, Sales Consultant

If you have any question email mail us we’ll be happy to help.

How is it different than regular SEO?

Nothing changes from your customer perspective. They still hop online or whip out their phone and type in whatever into google and find what they are looking for.

The difference is the algorithm, the search engines secret sauce. So for organic search, they have one algorithm and for google maps, they have another. Local SEO is primarily focus is to help with improving rank within google maps. Regular SEO or just SEO is focused on getting ranked in organic search.

As a result, the activities to optimize your website changes.

How it all works?

Things on the page:

Words are the key, so we start there. Making sure everything you need is in place. If you are building a website with us even easier.

The length of content should be 2,000 words. You guys have done this countless times in high school and college suck-it-up get and get it done. It may be your first writing assignment that pays you.

Domain name is important but this is usually out of the question if you already have one in place.

The right outbound links always help, such as the Better Business Bureau, and your local City of Commerce.

More advanced tips include GEO tag images & helpful videos.

Business Listing

Citations in the local SEO world means name, address, and number (NAP). Build citation is critical and consistency is important. This is a very time-consuming process. Yp.com is a good example where we would go in and submit all the correct information.

Filling out the listing completely goes a long way. Especially when your competition refuses to invest the money or time to get it done. It is the little things such as hours, pictures, and description that will separate you from the pack. We even go so far as to take 360 images and upload them.


We will help set up pages like Yelp and come up with a plan to get more reviews. We set a target of 5 reviews right out of the gate. These reviews help build trust not only with search engines but also with your customer. They check these things out

Things off the page

The biggest and most time-consuming projects is building links. Local links are even better. Links building is an art form in its self. Typically for most businesses, this is a huge opportunity.


We are not expecting you to be an expert in this arena or spend a ton of time here. It is worth it but not everyone has the time, resources or skill. Yet even an occasional post will help. We do encourage people within your company to share their thoughts, ideas or advice. Even sharing an article will help.

How long does it take to work?

Within 30 days you will see the results, you will feel the result in a similar time frame. The longer you invest the better traction you will see as well. Yes, there is a market cap but there is always new markets.

We don’t use private blog networks.