Data Shows Adding Video Increase Traffic To Your Website

Getting more views on YouTube is one thing and increasing traffic to your website and pages is another. YouTube is a great place for how to’s but most videos get watched from the right-hand column. You may recall yourself or take for instance the average YouTubers watching one video while browsing on the right-hand side for another more interesting video at the same time on a similar topic. That said, it’s a great strategy to chase videos that have high watch volume.

However if your goal is to get more traffic to your website simply adding a video even if it’s not yours can boost your number of impressions, clicks and overall ranking. You may or may not be aware of this fact. Regardless of your experience ranking websites and pages as an SEO very few people talk hard data and show proof.

So here’s my story and experience adding videos to pages I’m trying rank higher. The image and and graph shown above is from google search console. The data is of my SEO services page. You can go to and see this page for yourself. Before March 14, 2017 (indicated by the second blue click on the right side of the graph) this page was buried way back in google. What happen on March 14th? I added a video. This graph tells the google ranking story for 28 days.

The content before March 14 was not that original and was not a piece of well written content, in my books. I would rate it a 3 out of 10. Additionally it’s important to emphasise that no video was apart of the page. At a quick glance you can see the results are lackluster. 77 impression, with 60 impression coming from one day, 1 click and an average ranking position of 216. Yikes!

After I added a video to to this poor ranking page the results we saw was fast and impactful. Over a 9 day period this page recorded 328 impression, 1 click and an average ranking position of 55. We got the same number of clicks in half the time. Our ranking improved by 161 positions and we received 4 times the number of impression in again half the time. Wow! This little adjustment took all of 3 minutes to implement once we knew what video we should put there. The results are still unfolding. I’m interested to see how the data develops over time as we are only a dozen or so days into this experiment.

At roughly the same time we ran another experiment. We asked how does putting in more effort and creating better written quality content effect ranking as opposed to inserting a video? So, as we showed above we know how video affects ranks but we don’t have any information on how writing quality effects ranking. Below you will see that data.

This graph shows data from google search console again and coincided with the dates from our previously shown graph. The particular page can be found here The red spike is the day we released our updated content. Before that time period we rushed to just get some word down on this page so it wasn’t empty when we first launched our site. Knowing that we will circle back around to improve it. Over the course of a day or so we spend time focusing on wording, grammar, helpfulness and length of content. We also added a giph, which I think is pretty cool.

The results we were seeking did not hold and where not as impactful as just adding a video. This SEO experiment also took way more time. It’s hardly even comparable. As with all thing in SEO land over time pages and sites get the ranking they deserve so I have not quite even up or packed in on my Local SEO page.

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Additional Experiments For More Traffic

  • Links to the the pages discussed (through guest posts and client websites)
  • Images to the site ( Pages with video and pictures are said to increase the change of links)
  • Adding better navigation (putting a menu on the right side of these pages displaying relevant blog post)
  • More blog posts (like this one)
  • Longer and better written content
  • Older Domain and Higher Domain Authority
  • SSL (adding security to the website as a whole)