Local SEO Outsourced in Newton, MA

What is Local SEO? In short Local SEO is the process of getting ranked higher on the list of Google Map/Business. Google Maps is not the only player in the space. Bing, for example, has a similar product and there many other resources but we won’t get into that here. …

Why I started blogging on my phone

Blogging can be time-consuming and outright painful for a lot of you. This blog post, however, was easy. I wrote in 20 minutes before bed but only after reading. ( Yes you have time to do both) In this post, you will not only learn why you should blog on …

Apple Maps TomTom and Others List

Business listings data © 2014 Acxiom Map data © 2012 AND Business listings data © 2016 Apontador Business listings data © 2015 Booking.com Property parcel data for USA © 2014 CoreLogic Inc Business listings data © 2015 DAC Group Business listings data © 2015 Das Örtliche Satellite imagery data © 2013 DigitalGlobe. Portions © 2013 Microsoft Corp Map …

Local SEO For A Trophy And Apparel Store in Newton, MA

Local SEO + Youtube Marketing + 360 Photos + Product Photos

We recently did a bunch of work for a small business in Newton, MA and had some incredible results. Check out some of our work below. We made videos to help promote some of their products using google trends to identify where the biggest opportunity would be in their industry. Our goal for this project was to market to individuals in and near their store so that people would come in and ultimately buy things.

Luckily for me, the business does great work. They have plenty of customers willing to leave reviews for them.

Engraved Your Fantasy Football Trophy

A Couple Of Videos We Made Lubin’s To Catch A Hot Search Trend


Click Here To See Product Photos

Results We Got On The Local SEO 


A 360 Photo Showcasing Their Store