Top 5 Custom Website Design Trends of 2017

Website design relies heavily on technology, which is always changing as more and more technological advances are made. This, combined with ever-evolving needs of the internet users, means that web design practices are constantly changing with time, leading to the emergence of new trends to replace them. As a client …

How To Install PushCrew Into Your WordPress Site

A step by step guide on getting PushCrew setup on your WordPress Site

  1. Signup for PushCrew
  2. Install & Activate the PushCrew Plugin
  3. Install & Activate the Header & Footer Scripts Plugin
  4. Copy the code from the PushCrew Site (Setting –> Code & Implementation)
  5. Paste the code into the Header & Footer Scripts Plugin on your WordPress site (Setting–> Header & Footer Scripts)
  6. Save and Update
  7. Copy Your Account Number Shown Below

8. Past the

Local SEO Outsourced in Newton, MA

What is Local SEO? In short Local SEO is the process of getting ranked higher on the list of Google Map/Business. Google Maps is not the only player in the space. Bing, for example, has a similar product and there many other resources but we won’t get into that here. …

What Is A Website?

What is a website? A lot of people want a website but are confused on exactly what it is and don’t know how to go about making a site.  At its core, a website is CODE that can be transmitted across the internet to communicate. It’s a combination of your …

Why I started blogging on my phone

Blogging can be time-consuming and outright painful for a lot of you. This blog post, however, was easy. I wrote in 20 minutes before bed but only after reading. ( Yes you have time to do both) In this post, you will not only learn why you should blog on …

How to write an About Us page

I am a firm believer that no one other than the leader and or leaders of an organization can write the About Us Page. This page is often overlooked for whatever reason, I blame the “website guys” of the world. While your “website guy” should be aware of a few …