The Only 2 Tips That Matter for E commerce

The only two metrics that matter in the ecommerce business are – traffic and conversion. If people don’t come to your website you have no shot at ever earn this customer. When people come to your site but don’t buy or even worst want to buy but can’t, you have a major problem and are missing out on revenue. These two metrics are your ecommerce vital signs. Shipping, customer success, product and service quality are all very important as well but without converting traffic the value of your internet business diminishes quickly. We all know at this point, that the best product or service don’t win in the marketplace, the best marketers do. Therein lies the secrets sauce. In the process towards marketing your store, you’ll find voids, vacuums or inaccurate information and skills. This is your opportunity, take it.

E-Commerce Success Theory

Traffic × Conversion Rate × Price = Revenue

Getting Traffic And Visitors to Your Internet Store

Getting traffic to your website it critical to your success. Without people, no transaction can occur.  Computers and robots are not making purchasing decision yet for us. You may think this is too obvious or rudimentary but, you would be surprised to see how often people overlook this metric and the general lack of awareness. The amount of revenue your ecommerces brings in is directly correlate to how many visitors you bring to your site. Meaning the more people that come to a site the more money you will bring in. Very very simple concept. It’s just like retail, if no one shows up to your store, no one will buy your products.

So naturally everyone begins to ask; How do you get more traffic to your website?  

There are some tried and true methods out there already but it all start with where your at, what your strengths are as an individual and as a business. What I mean by that is, say that you have a business already, a basic website and a strong brand in the local community. As a opposed to someone with no business and no website. The awareness, trust, credibility, money and time for these businesses vary great. That said, their business strategies to promote and sell online should adjust accordingly.

For example if you have a book of clients that know, like and trust you. You could simply tell them about your news when you see them. Phone calls and email will work just fine too. Now, the odds are very high that these people will do business with you online as well and actually appreciate an updated system of their preference. There could be a opportunity there were your company can cross promote and sell too. Keep in mind that his customers business could have evolved over the years. As a consequence they could be using a different supplier or service to meet their need. They simply may have been unaware that your business may be offering this particular product or service. You know they have a need and they definitely have a computer.

What stopping them from sharing a link to your site with a friend or acquaintance or just mentioning your site in conversion. This is where the web becomes extremely powerful. The internet is word of mouth on steroids. It has the potential and possibility to amplify your message exponentially. In this scenario you have brand equity, leveraging your current audience and reaching a large one is how your business will expand.

Lets now take the latter scenario, someone building a startup or a new business. If you don’t know the difference between the two you’re in trouble. Where to start is completely and utterly dependent upon your strengths and the strengths of your team. Can you get a lot of buzz on facebook? If yes, great start their. Are you a great writer? Good write on your blog. Do you have a sales background or did you come from an marketing agency? Start with your strengths and build from their. Don’t get stuck on the path to your goal just be stubborn about the end goal. Know that there are many ways to get where you want to go.

10 Tips Marketing Offline

This is one of least discussed and used tactics to drive traffic. It’s not all that scalable but it’s a great place to start. Walk before you run.

  1. Business Card
  2.  Catalogs
  3. Promotional Cards
  4. Stickers
  5. Signs- retail and automobiles
  6. Word of Mouth
  7. Getting a hold of Celebrities or micro Celebrities
  8. Cold Calling
  9. Sales Letters
  10. Write A Book

Google: Organic Search (SEO)

Getting organic search volume takes time and is dependent upon the quality of your site and business. It’s the holy grail for websites and is where your site can be truly viewed as assets if done correctly. Trust me when I say this, there are no tricks or short cuts. You must earn your ranking, which can get a little time consuming dependent upon skills and speed. I’m not going to get into how to improve ranking here, as a whole book can be written on this topic. Just know that many factors are at play and everyday hundreds of Googler are working to improve their algorithm. Business that are strapped for time often hire SEO Agency like us. Companies that don’t have money but time typically do it themselves.


If you can’t find and identify bloggers you’re in deep trouble if you want to start an ecommerce store. You need to hire or partner trouble with someone or company. Understand that blogging and blogger have real power online and that it’s important. On that note if you are already here and feel similarly, my tip to you is reach out and connect. Its that simple, I would reach out via e-mail because typically these people are readers and writer as opposed talkers and listeners.

Press Release

I’d take Mark Cuban’s advice here. Don’t hire a PR Agency. It cost you nothing other than time to reach out and make the much needed connection. Between social media, email and blogs these journalist are pretty easy to reach.

“It’s better to develop relationships with those folks directly than try to train a PR person to learn your business and figure it all out,”

On top of this, this makes a better stories and more interesting news.

Social Media

You have heard of all platforms; facebook, instagram, youtube, yelp. But, do you know how to communicate and create content for your audience?

I am not an expert in this area but I would recommend following Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk if you’re interested in learning more about this.

Paid Advertising

Pay to play. This is a great strategy if you have the money and you have a website that you know converts. Paid traffic offers an extremely easy avenue to throttle attention to your website. The only constraints you will face are capital and if you large enough demand. The key to make this systems work is make sure you pay less for leads than the lifetime value of your customers.

  • Facebook
  • Google Adword
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Banner Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing

Converting Your Traffic to Clients

Getting people to your site is one thing, converting those people into customer is art form in itself. A good sales and marketing system moves people down a funnel, turning people who are interested into in market buyer and buyers in customers. If your game plan online relies solely on people showing up and buying your missing out on a ton of revenue. That said, the website I see that make the most money figure out ways to micro convert with an email address and follow up on the backend with email campaigns.


Webinars are currently converting better than anything else on the web. This why you are beginning to see so many invitations in your inbox and elsewhere. Folks that have experience and that present well, with a compelling offer and a good product/service will convert at around 10%. This is on the high end. When you begin to do webinars, expect around a 3% conversion rate.

This tactics has proven a great way to engage with your audience, through education.

When you run webinars regularly you begin to build familiarity and trust with your audience. Ultimate winning more sales and building a brand.

Irresistible Offer CTA (Call to Action) Above the Fold

Make sure if you want people to sign up for your newsletter or download your ebook that this CTA is visible upon opening up the new webpage. Simple enough right.

A lot of people will not may not read the whole article or scroll all the way down the page.  If your CTA is all the way down at the bottom of the article, you miss out on an opportunities to take the action you suggested. Simply because they don’t see it.  When you make the CTA more visible you simply have more opportunities to convert and that data supports this.

Automated Email

Email is a stone cold killer when it comes to ecommerce. About 75% of all onlines sales are generated on the backend with email campaigns. Once the copy is written everything can be automated. Dependending upon where the prospects came in, the messaging can be segmented to increase relevance and ultimately increasing sales. On top of automated follow ups and segmentation, some software package will place pixels on the prospects. Meaning, tracking where these prospect go on your website and what they do or don’t do with your emails.  Taking this information you can create new sequences and segments based upon an individual’s behavior. This adds another degree of relevance and again increase conversion rates and sales.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment With Free Shipping

This probably the most practical piece of advice I can give you and the easiest to implement if you already have an ecommerce site. I already know what you’re saying to yourself. But I’m going to lose money.  Shipping is too expensive!

Listen, I have worked with hundreds of account small parcel and LTL accounts. There is always a way and it’s always worth it. Reach out to me at if you think I could help.